Welcome to AIxAS 2021

Welcome to AIxAS 2021

Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for an Ageing Society (AIxAS 2021)

Anywhere, November 29th, 2021 – Co-located with AI*IA 2021

Increased life expectancy is an achievement of modern society in OECD Countries (and recently in developing Countries) thanks to the technological progress in health, living places and quality of food. The aggregate consequence of the prolongation of the life-time span is the growth of an ageing society, testified by several demographic studies. The study of the consequences of an ageing society on the future of social living had recently been considered by large world institutions (UN, EU), which addressed and designed programs for social and technological development taking in account the impact of the ageing society in the future of the world. Within this framework, topics such as “prolonging independent living”, “aging well”, or “social inclusion” are increasingly becoming more and more relevant. Several initiatives all over the world took care of these aspects focusing on the problem of developing a new generation of innovative technologies to face an ageing society and its growing needs. One of the most consolidated programs is known as “active and healthy aging”, supported by the H2020 research area that recently also launched a call on Adaptive smart working and living environments supporting active and healthy ageing. In this scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and techniques have and will have a pivotal role, due to the advanced goals of the discipline and its inner cross-disciplinary attitude, in order to deliver innovative and impacting results and related technologies. Facing the problems of an ageing society requires a cross-disciplinary approach, too. The development of new AI-based solutions to support and help older adults to cope with the changes of ageing and cognitive decline represents one of the most advanced ICT areas in the AI field. Robotics, Assistive Technology for Cognition, Sensor-based Monitoring Systems, Compensation Systems, Road Security, Continuous Learning and Navigation Supports for in-and-outdoor Systems are the fields where AI may challenge its solutions and contribute to innovative technological changes. The workshop calls for contributions from experts in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and from crossing disciplines involved in the development of AI-based researches and technologies for the ageing society in (but not only) the following areas:


  • Activity monitoring systems (indoor and outdoor)
  • Object and Activity recognition
  • Human-environment and human-robot interaction
  • Novel sensors and actuators
  • Smart environments (indoor and outdoor)
  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Personalization of AI Services for older adults
  • Intelligent and Cognition-based User Interaction
  • Advanced Data Analysis Techniques and Information Fusion
  • Ageing, mobility and transportation
  • Ethical issues in AI domains for Ageing Society
  • AI techniques applied to AAL scenarios

Workshop Organizers

Filippo Palumbo

Francesca Gasparini

Francesca Fracasso


This workshop is the tenth event organized by the AI and Ageing Society working group.

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